The ASUS ZenWatch 1 & 2 have been recently updated to Android Wear 1.4, which is based on 6.0.1 Marshmallow. We’re going to take a quick look at one of the cool new features: expanded gesture control. The new gestures allow you to navigate through the entire watch without using the touchscreen.

First, make sure that the watch is fully up to date in the Settings > About > System updates menu. Once up to date, the Settings > About > Versions section will list Android OS as version 6.0.1.

Before attempting the below gestures, make sure that the ZenWatch is awake by either shake-weighting it or by tapping the touchscreen. These gestures are slightly exaggerated for demonstration purposes. As you learn the gestures, you’ll be able to trigger their actions with smaller and more refined movements.

  1. Scroll down by flicking your wrist away from you and then slowly turn it back towards you. You can then repeat the motion to keep scrolling down through cards or menus.

Scroll Down


2. Scroll up by performing the opposite of the scroll down gesture. Slowly turn your wrist away from you and then quickly flick it back towards you. You can then repeat the motion to keep scrolling up through cards or menus and if you perform this action from the watch face, you’ll open the notification panel.Scroll up


3. Select a menu item, an app, or the action being presented on the card. To do this, hold your arm in front of you and pretend your favorite game-show host just asked you a question that you definitely know the answer to (hit that buzzer!), and then bring your arm back to the original position. If you perform this action from the watch face, you’ll open the apps menu.Select


4. Go Back to the previous menu or cancel voice actions before they take effect. To do this, hold your arm in front of you and pretend that you’re going to slap yourself in the face with a backhand, except only go about 2% of the way, then bring your arm back to the original position.Go Back


5. Return to the watch face by shake-weighting the ZenWatch 2 from any screen. Also, pat yourself on the back for the extra exercise you just put in.Return to watch face

With these five gestures, you can now quickly and efficiently navigate the ZenWatch 1 & 2 one-handed!


  1. It works with my iPhone 6S+ just fine. But some apps and functions are limited or unavailable. It gives you text and phone and many app notifications by ringer and/or vibrate. There is an iOS app for the ZW2, so numerous watch faces are available and it plays nice with iPhone as a whole.

  2. lol, when i saw the brown strap i said nice until i saw the clips of the gestures. This wrist flicking is fucking dumb; looking like a real retard doing it. Would not buy

  3. Hi asdfg

    I have the Zenwatch 2 and I do not anticipate using many of the wrist flicking features. But I do find the other features of the watch awesome. Because of those other features I am more than satisfied with using the touch screen and the speech commands to send emails, text, phone calls, etc. through the watch to my phone.Or receiving a vibration on the watch when a text or call comes to me. Too many other positive features to mention. Do not base your decision about this watch just on this NEW wrist flicking feature. I received my watch as a gift before that feature was even added. Never expected it to do as much as it does with my Android phone. So to me the wrist flicking does not detract my opinion about the watch at all. It does show me that ASUS, on this product, is trying to stay ahead of the curve and adding new features. As with anything…some new features will be good , some will be bad and opinions will vary.

    • Mike
      The manual says within 32 feet. The connection of the phone and watch is through bluetooth. I believe you can also use wifi to extend the distance but I find the wifi less reliable and just use the bluetooth. If you stray too far from the phone then the watch will vibrate and tell you there is a disconnect. Pretty cool if I walk the dog and my wife texts me. The watch vibrates and I see a text from my wife on the watch….I can then just reply verbally through the watch speaker and answer her text with a verbal reply.The watch connect to the phone in my pocket via bluetooth and the phone sends the text message via my cell carrier . I can opt to do it all through the phone as well.

  4. Why is there no update for the Zenpad S 8 that was released last year? You guys don’t support your own tablets that are less then one years old. That is bad business and anyone thinking of buying an Asus tablet should expect no support from Asus, even when it is less then one year old.

    Very poor company negligence. Had it been Apple, Google, HTC, or Samsung that released the Zenpad S 8 then an update to Android 6 would have been released already.

    The lesson here is to not buy Asus tablets. Asus will ignore you as a customer.

  5. the tablets are junk. the support non existannt an $127:00 RCA Android tablet from Walmart is better. i.e. it works. no keys stick. Son’t know about support haven’t needed to call, enail or text them. just saying!!!!!!!

  6. Perhaps you might have read that they were deliberately exaggerated to show the motion? They can be much less motion and still work… quite convenient if you are holding something in the other hand that you cannot put down easily… but then again, only a retard would not buy a useful item because they are only thinking of “looks” instead of function.