Welcome to 2016 everyone! I wanted to kick off this new year with a fun little giveaway. We’ve got TWO ZenFone 2Es available and wanted to give you guys a chance to win one. Maybe these aren’t for power users, but there’s someone you know who could use a device with some really great value, and uses AT&T’s GoPhone pre-paid services.

The ZenFone 2E is the entry-level version of our flagship and an economical choice when looking at a new smartphone. Just a quick rundown of specs:

  • Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • 5” HD IPS screen (1280×720 @ 294ppi)
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with anti-fingerprint coating
  • Dual-core Intel® Atom™ Z2560 processor 1.6GHz
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB Storage w/ MicroSD card (up to 64GB)
  • 802.11BGN Wi-Fi, BT4.0
  • 8MP Camera w/ f/2.0 aperture (back), 2MP Camera (front)
  • Weight: 5.47oz
  • Color: Charcoal Black/Pearl White
  • LTE bands: 2/3/4/5/7/17/20
  • 2500mAh battery, non-removable

Okay so how do I win one?

  • In the comments section below, tell us about a person you know and why they could use a ZenFone 2E
  • The contest will run from Jan 4th – January 8th @ 9AM PT
  • US and Canadian residents only
  • Terms and Conditions

Winners were chosen: Matthew and Jay! Congrats! Thank you everyone for participating. We’ll have more contests throughout the year so stay tuned.

For more details on the ZenFone 2E and AT&T’s services, check out our article!


  1. My aunt could use one. She still has a Blackberry 8520 (Curve) with missing buttons and a swollen battery, which she refuses to give up. I’m sure one of these would convince her!

  2. This would be perfect fit my daughter, she is finally at the age where after school activities often keep her occupied, and I would sure as heck feel a lot more comfortable if she had a phone with her when she is. My Asus tablet and Chromebook are quality, so I’m sure the 2E would hold you to anything a young girl could throw at it. At&T coverage is stellar in our area, so I am confident that a Go Phone would provide worry free coverage fur mommy and I.

    Happy new year!

  3. I would give the zenfone to my brother he just left the nest and starting out on his own and this would be a great house warming gift for him

  4. Khang Thai, I’ve a ZenFone2, with a gold back case. But I reeeealy want to buy the illusion case from the deluxe edition, or carbon fiber from deluxe edition too, but I live in Brazil and here, on the Asus website doesn’t have these back covers… Help me, where I can buy illusion covers? Pleeaaaaaaaase

  5. I would like to give one to my mom. She struggles with a little samsung galaxy light and her being the 6 foot mom she is, struggles with typing and straining her eyes trying to focus on the small screen. She isn’t exactly a power user, but the 2E would greatly make phone calls for work, family, reading that she does extensively, and texting a lot easier on a bigger sized screen and phone that suit her better then a small phone.

  6. My dad need a Zen2 cause he uses the Remote Desktop app and him current smart is a 2.5″ screen. He cames to me every time ask zoom to be able to read… Please, a 5.5″ screen and a powerful processor to my father! :'(

  7. My Dad could definitely use a ZenFone 2E because he still uses a flip phone and worst of all, he tries to take pictures with it which is a grainy 1MP resolution. I wish I can win a ZenFone 2E for him. I bet he’ll be amazed at the photo quality difference with an 8MP camera

  8. For an Asus humble lover a Zen present will siimbolize equilibrium, the balance within joy! Full of enlightment power.

  9. I’ll give out as a present for my beloved mother, just to give back the favor for her even if i know that i can’t pay it for her 😍

  10. My grandmother could use one. She has some old Motorola flip phone that she almost never uses because the screen is something like 1″ and the print is too small for her to read these days. At 76, she doesn’t need a top of the line flagship phone, but something where she has a nice big screen, can see who is actually calling, can hear them clearly and we can track her with GPS in case she goes on a trip.

  11. My cousin could definitely use this phone because he just came to America a few weeks ago, and is sadly holding on to his 7 year old Samsung Behold II. I think it’s about time he got an upgrade to experience the Zen UI

  12. This would be a great phone to use on my kids vr headset (Mattel view master ). It would keep me from having to give them my phone.

  13. My nephew who just graduated. He is looking for his first real job and this phone would be a nice “welcome to the real world kid” present.

  14. My Taiwanese mother has been using a Lumia 521 for a year and a half. She’s been dealing with Windows Phone and has been wanting an Asus phone for some time. We rep Taiwan #1 and this would be a great phone for my mom.

  15. My father is probably the best candidate for this phone as he is one of those people who just refuses to learn new things and that means he has had the same phone for almost 4 years now. It’s time for an upgrade.

  16. My brother who is rocking a g2 could definitely use one.Just can’t afford a different phone. He has children and would be nice to have a decent camera to capture memories.

  17. My Wife has been using an LG Optimus G E970 Smart Phone for the last 3 years.
    She learned how to use Android and is now outgrowing its capabilities.
    The battery of the E970 is having issues while the phone looks amazingly new !!!
    She is excited to see my new ASUS ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) and is interested in
    replacing this LG with something new. It would be a nice surprise for her to have
    her very own ASUS Zenfone 2E !!!
    She is currently on our AT&T Family plan and sharing our data.
    With this Go Phone, it would give her the opportunity to have her very own
    cell plan and the Go Phone savings to go with it !! Its a Win Win for her and ASUS !!!


  18. Perfect for all the typical moms out there. Enough juice to do all the necessary things, not too much stuff as to be overkill.

  19. My Buddy could use one. I was just going to give him my old Iphone 4s since his Android broke, but I don’t wanna make him suffer by using the Iphone.

  20. My gal Sandy she has used the same sharp FX plus for the last 8 years lol It cuts off the call if you bump the slide, only holds 200 texts, no longer has access to apps or the store, incompatible with google play. She deserves so much better.

  21. I have a female friend who’s Nexus 5 stopped working months ago and is shattered to bits. She hasn’t been able to get a replacement (due to personal reasons). She lives in the city and no one has any way to come in contact with her unless she’s with a friend or has WiFi, which worries me sometimes. I know she could definitely use a phone like this.

  22. I’d give it to my mom. She’s rocking an S3, and it hurts me inside every time I see her swipe and the animation runs at like 10 fps. The battery also lasts for about 10 seconds(kidding). I also have had many Asus PC components, and I know they perform well and are reliable. Gotta always have her phone working so I can text and ask for food, right?

  23. I always wanted a Zen Phone, i love ASUS Products, in fact my PC build is full of them as i got an asus mobo and a asus gfx card. I would love to have a Asus phone to join my asus family!!

  24. I would like to get my wife away from her iPhone and into a Zen Phone. I think she would be very happy with the quality and features.

  25. My mother still uses a flip phone to call people but complains that everyone texts now or uses Facebook. We were lucky enough to find a Bluetooth enabled flip phone so she can drive and talk hands-free legally in case something happens on her commute to work. This ZenFone 2E would be a great first smart phone for her to learn to text on and to sync her emails on the go. 🙂

  26. I say my father could use the Zenfone 2E. He lives and works as a farmer and doesn’t do much to keep up with technology. He still uses a Motorola flip phone from 8-9 years ago actually. With advances in the way things are done though (banking, communication, etc) he should do better to keep up and I think this device would go a long way to making that move happen.

  27. I would give the phone to my little sister, she is going through rough times at school and I think it would make her day!

  28. My husband needs a new phone to replace his Blackberry Pearl. I find him always squinting at the small 2″ display and the phone cannot even hold a charge to last a day. He will greatly appreciate the 5” HD IPS screen and the 8MP camera of the ZenFone 2E. It is a beaut for an entry-level version.

  29. I would give it to my sister Brittany, who just had a baby. She does not have a phone and I worry that with the new baby, she should have a phone. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  30. I would give it to my mother, she is elderly and needs a new phone. She used one of those old brick phones, then several years ago “graduated” to the flip phone”, which she used until two years ago when our service no longer supported it. If I won this phone for her, I could purchase time for it and stay in better contact with her. Which as a son, I worry about. Thank you!

  31. I would give the phone to my elderly neighbor who does not have a phone. I try to keep an eye out for her and this phone would make it easier. She has fallen a few times and it concerns me, because I work full time about 30 minutes away from home. She does not have alot of money to purchase a phone on her own. I can show her how to use it and practice with her, so she is comfortable with it. Thank you.

  32. I would love to have this phone for my friend. She does not have a phone and is trying to attend college on a scholarship. She rides her bike across our town and I would love for her to have the phone at night. I’m thinking that I can buy a plan and help her out. That’s what friends are for!

  33. I would give the phone to my sister who is a college student and barely making her rent most of the time. She needs a phone! I might talk my mom and dad into paying for the service, if not I will pay for it out of my job. 🙂

  34. My Mother is still using a flip phone. It works fine, but texting on that tiny key pad is a nightmare. Honestly The ZenFone 2E is the entry-level would probably stop those sometimes comical text.
    Thank you for the chance to upgrade that flip phone and move out of the 90’s. My Mom just might dangerous with a smart phone.

  35. My dad would be a perfect match for this phone. He wants to learn the latest smartphone tech but his phone is too old. I would love to give him a modern smartphone and teach him how to be a “cool kid” again.

  36. I would Say that I would give it to my boyfriend but honestly I would keep it myself. I have the Padfone and its a little dated but I LOVE Asus products and have since the 90’s!

  37. My mom could use a new phone. After a bunch of upgrades in the family, she got left with the phone that has a shattered screen with tape holding the remains in place (I’ve used it and its terrible…) She went from an iPhone 6 to this phone because my steodad needed the new phone for work. We’ve already replaced the screen on the phone twice and enough is enough.

  38. I am 16 years old and I do not own a smart phone and I have been wishing to get the Asus zenfone 2 laser but couldn’t because of my personal issues and since this is for Asus zenfone 2e I would love to have one. it would be great if I won this contest hope fully. I love Asus products specially phones.

    Ayy Asus hook a brother up with. A phone

  39. I would give one to my friend who’s been lugging around a cheap flip phone for the past couple of years. He really wants to get into the smartphone game but his parents don’t think it’s worth it and he doesnt1have the money for a nice flagship or entry level phone.

  40. My mom needs a new phone. Her flip phone just is not cutting it any longer.
    Her first smartphone should be a ZenFone 2E.

  41. I’d love this phone for my wife. She currently has an older iPhone and has problems with it often. I’ve wanted her to switch to Android for a while now and this ZenFone 2E would be perfect.

  42. Hate to sound selfish, but I definitely could use a new phone. Still, this wouldn’t be so bad for my mom too — would be good to have her keep in touch, and an entry-level smartphone would be a good start.

  43. I would definitely give this phone to my mother. She needs a better phone with a bigger display as her eye sight isn’t so good anymore. Keeping in touch with her will be so much easier with the ZenFone 2E.

  44. My wife is still using a Blackberry Z10 and deperatly needs to upgrade. She doesn’t need power and speed she just needs something more reliable.

  45. My wife realy needs a new phone. She is pregnant with our 3rd child and the phone she currently has won’t last more then a couple hours. She had an htc one but is currently using an iPhone 4 that her sister let her borrow. It makes me nervious that I can not get in contact with her 80% of the time, and she can not get in contact with me. She is a 1st grade teacher and used to use (when her phone actually worked) the phone in her class room on the projector. It would realy make her happy.

  46. My mom – her nexus recently died and she’s back to her old flip phone! Which is fine, but she’s missing photos of her grand kids!

  47. My step-daughter could use a new device. My husband and I just got custody of her and got her out of a bad situation and this would be helpful for when she is newly adjusting to her life here with us. Plus give her (and us) peace of mind if we need to contact her if an emergency arises as we only use mobile devices and do not have a home line.

  48. My girlfriend could really use this phone currently she sports an HTC evo that is long past its prime. It would be nice to give her a phone that could help her out in her college career.

  49. In all honesty I really would need this for myself, as I have had to downgrade back to a flip phone, as my previous phone died on me. It has been a major pain to not have proper access to the web, or a lot of the utilities I am accustomed to on android. As I side note I would like to add all of my devices have been handmedowns or secondhand, and it may be a while before I can actually afford something new.

  50. My g/f could use a new phone. Her current one is a questionable android phone that will likely never get updated for security. It’s a shame too, since it was a more expensive phone. Save her, Asus!

  51. My Dad could use one he had an OLD apple iphone and refuses to part with it now that new android tech is out. He’s already seeing that the iphone is falling behind when it cones to anything in the android world. Alot of times it forces you to stay with one vendor (apple) and not have a choice on what type(s) of devices you can use.

  52. It’s an honor and responsibility to have Asus zenfone 2E. I want to share it, to my beloved sister for a late Christmas gift. Thank you for this opportunity merry Christmas and happy new year Asus myzen;)

  53. I know Chuck Norris and he told me that he wanted a new phone. Well as you know, Chuck Norris doesn’t go to the phone, rather it comes to him. He’s looking at you ASUS, don’t let him down.

  54. My brother could use one, his iPhone 3g is getting a little long in the tooth. Might also take advantage of the Intel GPGPU capability with accelerometer and gyroscope for his home built drones.

  55. My son could use ZenFone 2E. He has been asking me for a smartphone since he started high school. I have been thinking of getting him an Android. I like the specs: Dual-core Intel Atom, 8MP camera and 5″ display. The only concern is that it only has 1GB RAM but other than that ZenFone 2E would be a perfect started phone for him.

  56. My mother isn’t very technologically current so she barely uses her phone. This would be a fun way to being her into the 21 st century 😊

  57. My twin brother (older) deserves a ZenFone 2E because he let me have his phone because I broke mine and he cared for me so that I can have a phone to use for school. Yet he goes to work without one. This phone has great value! Thanks!
    /please pick mee :))

  58. I would give it to my wife. She would love a smart phone with a great camera. Her’s is a 8 year old android that usually has a dead battery.

  59. my son Gary could use this as he lives 3 hours away from me, he is 23 yrs. old and his current phone is an old flip phone, a good phone is my link to him, afterall he is my baby.

  60. I could use a phone because right now I have a basic flip phone that don’t use for data. I will use it to look for jobs. I am at the library now.

  61. I would give the phone to my mother in-law as she was in a car accident and totaled her car and destroyed her old phone. She cannot afford to replace her phone right now she has to worry about replacing her car. She is elderly and should not be going out and about without a phone for emergencies.

  62. My mother in law, who just lost her husband from Alzheimer’s. She spent thousands on care and thousands more on funeral costs. It would nice to upgrade her phone from an old, out of date iPhone 5 to something like an ASUS with Android 5.0.

    Wish you could make this happen. It would start off her year in a positive way.

  63. My wife, Becca. She’s two weeks from giving birth to our first kid due to some complications arising in the last few days. Since that’s happened, we’ve had to put getting her a new phone on hold (trust me, her Nexus 5 is not doing well).

  64. I think everyone needs this phone but if I have to pick 1 person I would pick my son because he has an outdated flip phone and can not keep up with his school work , contacts, sweepstakes or even his family and friends with the phone he has now. Also, the features on this phone are amazing and exactly what he needs to get ahead!!!

  65. I need a new ZenFone 2E. I am on hold for getting a new phone because I went back to school. I have a Samsung Galaxy S II, still on Ice Cream Sandwich, with a cracked screen and it resets every 20 minutes or when I am in the middle of a call. Need an #ASUS #ZENPHONE2E !!

  66. My Mom could do with a zenfone 2e as her current phone is a micromax unite 2, which is very buggy, laggy and has a very bad camera. The battery day wins faster than a kitchen sink filled to the brim and the sound quality is pathetic.Thanks for such a wonderful chance to show her some appreciation.

  67. My husband carries a 4 year old LG flip phone and an even older Samsung Galaxy “MP3 Player”. Having a Zenfone that could combine all of these features would actually lighten his load. He would not need a lot of features other than dependable calling and a good amount of memory to store all his books. He uses cloud storage for his work and any internet access would really improve his mobility now that many places no longer offer WiFi.

  68. My dad he has given up his career and everything to help me and his parents. Moved back home to a small town and took a job as a machinist thru a staffing company ect….. he even went as far as getting a pre paid phone just to help save money for us all and this would be awesome seeing his birthday is 1-12 !

  69. My fiancé and mother of my 7mo. old daughter. We have single free government phone that we use between us. I work in the woods cutting trees for a small company, a very dangerous job and I always take the phone with me for safety reasons. This leaves her and my daughter home with no way of me contacting them or her contacting me during and emergency or any other type of situation. It would be great to have a second phone for her to have should anything come up. I work very hard to support our family. We don’t have much money, but a pre paid phone would be much easier to manage than a phone with a contract.

  70. I would give it to my friend who still owns a Samsung instinct which is nearly 7 years old, runs an operating system that is like android, but has no apps, connection, or really any other feature than to call and text. He refuses to upgrade because he doesn’t want a contract and pay so much money for a nice unlocked phone.

  71. My wife recently had her phone stolen while we were at her Doctor’s appointment of all places. We’ve gone thru a week of headaches with the insurance company just to find out that the deductible is far too much for us to afford. We recently found out that my wife has been diagnosed with a condition requiring a great deal of medications that we luckily have insurance to cover most of but without her having a phone it has been making my ability to keep in touch with her throughout the day simply impossible. This would be such a huge deal to us… I currently have a Zenfone 2 4gb quad core and I would imagine that even with lowered specs the Zenfone 2E is still a pretty amazing device. Hell, as long as it has a reminder and can make calls it would set my mind at ease like you wouldn’t believe.

  72. My husband. He dropped and broke his phone last week chasing our dog. He’s now using my old flip phone that only works when connected to a charger.

  73. MY roommate has a boost mobile phone that might work for 2 hours for the day. rest of time is spent rebooting and trying to power on.

  74. Mom’s current phone has a 3 1/2 inch screen. It’s getting difficult for her to see what is on the screen. A phone with a nice sized screen like the Zenfone would be a godsend for her.

  75. I could give the phone to my mother as she is going into an assisted living place. She would be able to stay in touch with her grandkids and the rest of the famole

  76. My brother could really use this as he has no computer at home. Since we can only email him at work it’s hard to reach him other than by a landline phone.

  77. My mom’s Galaxy Mega went bad and has been using a flip phone in the mean time. A new or used Galaxy Mega cost an arm and a leg. I like using my arms and i enjoy chasing after my kids. I’ll give this to her after i win 🙂

  78. My mom could use a new go phone! She uses hers but dropped it and the screen is cracked beyond help. She is a sweet lady let’s help protect her fingers and eyes from squinting through cracks!

  79. i would love to give this to my husband, he doesn’t have a smart phone yet. he would love this phone. he really needs to upgrade but we can’t justify the expense right now.

  80. Both my mom and I could really use a new phone, we both still have old flip phones without texting, I got my son a smartphone and would love to have one.

  81. My grand daughter just started college, she has to drive about 45 miles one way to school everyday, she would be able to stay in touch with us when she’s away from home!

  82. My dad definitely needs the ZenFone2Es to replace his slow, outdated iPhone 3G. He is a farmer and constantly needs updates on weather patterns and current pricing for grain commodity futures. Also, the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 would add a piece of mind knowing it can withstand the daily abuse/mishaps of a farming operation.

  83. Mom could use a new phone. Outdated android software is causing her to miss messages and random reboots. Perfect gift for her. She doesn’t need a flagship phone and this phone looks great for her everyday activities.

  84. I need a new phone as my current phone is on its last breaths (broken screen, little water damage etc.) And also short on money.

  85. I’d give it to my father who I spent part of the Christmas holiday explaining to that his flip phone (on a contract, no less) doesn’t really have ESPN or Facebook on it. Then we got onto what the headphone jack was for…

  86. My parents in Colombia need one of this. I would love winning it for them and take it to them on my next summer trip over there. They need this to be in touch with me and their grand kids through whatssap and skype. Finger crossed and thanks for the chance

  87. My best friend Jill!!!! She works at a job she loves, but it does not pay her much. This phone would be perfect for her. She loves volunteering and doing good in the world. This phone would keep her connected to her fav organizations and causes. Which in turn will make the world a much better place. One phone in Jill’s hands = Better world for everyone!

  88. This would be good for me, actually. I’ve been a cellphone refusenik but I’m coming around to the idea of one being useful.

  89. My husband’s using a phone with a broken screen right now and has bandaids on his fingers from cuts! Such a trooper..of course to hear him tell it he’s risking his life every time he sends a text!

  90. My mom could use one since she has no phone and we need to call her! and our home phone got disconnected recently. thanks

  91. Unfortunately, my dad recently lost his phone and as a result he was left phoneless for a little while. I was supportive and able to provide him my old smartphone to use, but the new Zenphone seems like a great way to improve things despite what happened. My dad travels regularly for business. In addition, my mom could also use it — she has long been using a flip phone that has been giving her a lot of trouble, and a phone upgrade could really make sense for her.

  92. Me. I could use a ZenFone 2E. I’ve never owned a smart phone or any phone with camera. My camera is still a “dumb” phone. I’d love to make calls, send texts, surfe internet and take some photos.

  93. My neighbor Pearl is about 80 years old and her current phone is dying she said. So I would love to gift this to her and make her day <3

  94. My son, I’m a single mom and currently use the Obama phone, my son is now in high school, and now I gave it to him to use in case of emergency. He hates it, and hides when ever it rings, when ever his friends ask him why he is using that phone, he says that he lost his…( He is embarrassed to say that its actually his cell.)

  95. I would give the ZenFone 2E to my mom. She still uses a flip phone. I would love for her to learn how to text me occasionally using the ZenFone 2E.

  96. i would give it to my daughter. she is going to a school not in town so would be nice for her to have if she ever miss the bus home or anthing

  97. I think my baby sitter can use this phone. You see, she takes pictures (selfies) and they are the lowest qualitiy out there. They look so 70’s she needs a total upgrade!

  98. My daughter could really use this awesome ZenPhone 2E. Her new smaprtphone was stolen from her bag at hockey practice, and she is devastated. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for her!

  99. My dad! He has a really bad cell phone that does not work very well. He broke his back and can not work anymore so they are on a fixed income. He really deserves a new phone because he is the best!

  100. I could really use a new phone, because I dropped my old Nokia phone and now the screen is smashed. Plus ZenFone 2E looks like a superior product.

  101. Would be a perfect phone for my mom. All she wants is “a phone that can make calls.” She’s not a fan of how complicated phones have become.

  102. My husband could definitely use this because of many reasons. Let me explain, 1. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 he is always dropping his phone & even mine if he happens to pick it up! 2. 8GB of storage with up to 64GB? Really this is amazing & he could use this for business & personal without maxing out his storage! 3. Because ever since he switched to iPhone 6+ he hates it & I dislike hearing him tell me about the issues he always has with it.

  103. My daughter needs to replace her shattered screen, 8 minutes of battery life Galaxy S3. This would be a huge upgrade and honestly, keep me from selling a kidney to get a new phone.

  104. My brother could use this. He lost his job awhile ago and this would help him with his job search. He has someone’s old flip phone now.

  105. My sister can use a new Zenfone 2E to keep up with her busy lifestyle as a Mom: keeping an eye on her finances with mobile banking on the go, entertaining the kids in the car with streaming music, and taking snapshots of daily moments that will be cherished for years to come. And, of course, it will enable countless hours of video chatting with friends and family, keeping everyone in touch all year-round!

  106. This would be perfect for my mother. A great value phone that will get the job done with style is all she would need, perfect and reliable.

  107. My daughter is deaf so a phone is a necessity for her to text to communicate with. That being said, she seems to go through them a lot more than my wallet can handle so this sounds perfect!

  108. My dad. He does not have a cell and since he lives alone I think he should have one on him at all times! Thanks for the chance!

  109. This phone would be perfect for my little sister. She just got her first job and needs a good phone to keep her connected to the family.

  110. Me! My old phone (not a smartphone) decided tonight that it will no longer let me scroll. So tomorrow I will be heading to ATT to get a new one (unless i win this one!).

  111. I know… me. I’m using a flip phone that I’ve had since 2008. I can’t quite justify purchasing a smartphone but it’d be nice to have one to keep better organized and connected.

  112. My mom could use a ZenFone 2E, the only phones she ever gets are the ones my daughter gives her when she upgrades they have always been used and never up-to-date.

  113. I’d have to give it up to my mom. She is still using an old Samsung flip phone that has no smartphone features, not even a camera so she can take pictures of her new great grand kids. She really needs to be brought into the century in a bad way!

  114. My 15 year old son could use one to stay connected with friends, school and family. Most of his friends have one and he could use one too!

  115. I need the phone. The last three phones I have had over the past several years were from the generosity of others who passed them on to me when they upgraded. I would treasure a phone that was new and for me only.

  116. My oldest brother, a major genius (IQ around 170), never bought a cell phone. I need to welcome him into the 21st century 🙂

  117. For my grandmother yo . she has a candybar dumb phone but has no cash for an upgrade . this will help her out mucho gracias yo ! She really wants to play the games .

  118. me myself could use a new cell phone. I currently don’t have a job. Would come in handy so if a job calls me they could get in contact with me

  119. We told our daughter that this year she would be getting her own mobile phone. She has reached the age and number of after school activities that she should probably have one! This would be perfect for her!

  120. My son needs a phone. We need to be in contact. Too many smart phones are not affordable, and the expense of the plans are outrageous. This would be a perfect solutions for us. We thank you for this opportunity.

  121. I have one cellphone that I share with my daughter. I carry it in the mornings to go to work, she uses it at home after school. We really need another phone since we cannot share apps, Whatsapp and Instagram are for her and Twitter is for me. A totally mess.

  122. My neighbor uses an old flip phone, cost and getting used to the new phone is his excuse. If he gets it for free then I believe he could use it.