Jonney-Shih ASUS Chairman

Looking back, 2015 was another innovation-filled year for ASUS. We launched the world’s first carrier-unlocked, dual-SIM, 4GB RAM smartphone in the ZenFone 2, in addition to its siblings, the ZenFone 2 Laser, Deluxe, and Deluxe Special Edition. With notebooks, internal upgrades were made to our thin, lightweight, and powerful Zenbook line. Our ZenWatch was also updated and offers even better value to consumers. Most recently, we introduced four new models of our Zen AiO Pro – an all-in-one desktop PC that offers a unique combination of power and style. Needless to say, we’ve taken our design aesthetic to a new level, as we continue to strive to empower luxury to everyone.

Recently, I had the pleasure of catching up with Jonney Shih, the Chairman of ASUS, to talk about achievements of this past year and to ask what he envisions for the future of the company.

KT: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today, Mr. Shih.

JS: You’re welcome, Khang. I’m always happy to talk about the exciting things we’re doing at ASUS! As you know, it’s been a very busy year for us – even busier than usual, with the global release of our new ZenFones.

KT: Yes, 2015 has been an incredible year. In looking back, what are your thoughts? Are there any key decisions or factors that you see as leading to the successes of the year?

JS: I am proud of the achievements and breakthroughs we have made in the last year, especially with the Zenfone series.  As I have mentioned in the past, our industry is undergoing a massive paradigm shift. It is very important for ASUS to ride the right wave and to pursue great new opportunities that appear with changing trends.

Over a decade ago, we knew that smartphones would become a device that became essential in the lives of consumers everywhere. That is why we started developing our technology early. At that point, we also began focusing on obtaining essential patents.

The decision to enter the global smartphone market was a long-term strategy. Our experience and success in developing the ASUS Transformer tablet technology played a key role in helping us prepare for – and ultimately succeed in – that process.

KT: We’ve designed different ZenFones to meet different consumer needs. Can you elaborate on that?

JS: Empowering luxury for everyone is our design concept and goal for the ZenFone series. The ZenFone 2 Deluxe, ZenFone 2 Laser, ZenFone Selfie, ZenFone Max and ZenFone Zoom are all new models released this year. Each of these phones is designed to cater to specific consumer needs. For example, the ZenFone Zoom is designed for consumers who enjoy professional photography, while the ZenFone Max is designed for consumers who place special importance on exceptional battery life. We want each ZenFone owner to experience the joy of owning a device that provides the features they most value. That’s what the ZenFone is designed to do, and the success of the series tells us that it’s accomplishing that goal. I’m very pleased to know that!

KT: The ZenFone 2 offers a very interesting value proposition for consumers. When the phone was in the concept stage, did you expect that ASUS would be able to offer to an unlocked device with premium features such as a 13MP camera, dual-SIM capabilities, and 4GB RAM – all for $299?

JS: Of course, that was our goal!  The process was challenging, but we did it!  I am very proud of everyone who worked relentlessly on this project.  That is the spirit, in search of incredible!

KT: To change direction for a moment, I wanted to ask about Zen AiO Pro. The technology community has shown a lot of interest in it. What did ASUS set out to achieve with the AiO Pro?

JS: The Zen AiO Pro is a special case, indeed! I think our engineers took the Zen aesthetic to a new level with this beautiful device. Our goal was to redefine the all-in-one experience, and we did that by partnering with Intel and integrating their RealSense technology, packing the Zen AiO Pro with powerful processors and storage solutions for incredibly fast multitasking, and a bright 4K screen for stunning visuals. With the AiO Pro, I think we’ve created a truly exceptional product, and it’s great to hear that the community has responded so positively to it.

KT: In closing, let me ask one question on behalf of Zen Fans everywhere: What can we look forward to in 2016?

JS: As I always say, stay tuned.  We will certainly bring more exciting innovation to the market.

2016 is shaping up to be another amazing year – one that will be full of ASUS innovations (I know I’m looking forward to that ZenFone 3 with a USB-Type C port). We’re always pushing ourselves to provide the best user experience possible. I’d like to thank our Chairman for taking a few moments to join us and to offer his perspective and insight. For more information, and a few creative ideas for the holidays, visit Zen Your Way.

Looking forward to an incredible new year with you,

The MyZen by ASUS team


      • mr Thai you can assist me if you are remotely connected with asus. There are hundreds of complaints on the website, I have dealt with the company and the warranty I had in place. I do not anything will be done to resolve my spending 400.00 for a tablet that worked four months.

  1. I love my ZenFone 2. Its very fast and the battery life is above average for my use. The only time it lags is when I am doing to much multitasking. IE: text to e mail to phone book to weather app to sports app back to text to photo gallery etc. I can’t wait for the ZenFone 3 ill be buying first day available. People always ask me about the phone and can’t believe I got it for 300 bucks.

    • I think a lot of phones might have issues jumping from app to app. And we’re really excited for the ZenFone 3! The ZenFones have really been a great device with a lot of value…glad you’re enjoying it!

      • I forgot to mention the problem with the the first Asus laptop I bought. It lit up briefly when I plugged it in, then went off and could not be started in any way, by anyone. So I returned it. I should have avoided Asus, but thought that I was over-reacting, so I ordered a different model.

      • Mr Thai
        your response of *might have issues* instead of saying we are fixing any issues this product may have is EXACTLY the sort of very poor excuses and reasons asus did not fix my 400.00 tablet that I used five times.
        I tell everyone the service and contacts are terrible.

  2. I bought my first Asus this year. It will also be my last. Why?
    1) No ‘end’ key.
    2) Caps lock key doesn’t light up. The indicator on the front edge makes no sense.
    3) MAIN PROBLEM: One of the reasons for buying my Asus laptop was because it has a lighted keyboard….no need to turn on a light to use it. EXCEPT it doesn’t light up until AFTER I’m logged in, meaning I have to turn on a light anyway, just to log in.

  3. Sir
    Greeting for the day
    I hv two Zen phone z6 & zen2 .
    After one year Zen2 phone software blank now need to support from your Gallary for program support.instrument in good condition but only need to load software.

  4. My phone was alright but not good with games as the graphics took it out and I have to re-set the phone. The battery life now last for about half a day.
    Other than the above I have no complaints. Cheers.

  5. I’m an Asus fanboy, but for the engineering more than the marketing. For example, why does Asus “ride the right wave”, as opposed to leading or creating it? I can’t say that I’ve heard much about ZenFones, so why are they so relevant? Why does the chairman have such a defensive picture (arms crossed) (at least that’s how it’s perceived from a western perspective)

  6. Received my ZenPad S8 a few days ago, after the twitter post about the price drop.
    Fast and smooth… And all the ZenUI tricks work, like double-tap to wake.
    Last year, it was Nexus5 and Nexus7, so you-all must be doing something right.

  7. This is what I hate when it comes to Asus mobile. I can’t use in on America’s largest 4g LTE net work. IE Verizon. I’ve wanted an Asus phone sense they came to America, but I’m not going to sacrifice network for function. If this chairman wants to ride the wave, which means there will be no innovation. Innovative leaders are the ones that make the waves. How’s does Asus plan to grow when there are leaving at least a market of 100 million+ on the table. And that’s only 1 wireless network. Sit and chew on that for a while.

  8. You are right, I remember calling in about one of there computers. I had an issue where the gpu visual memory way causing really bad tearing across the screen. Sent it in they said it was the ram was not supported. And I’m like ok how is ddr3 ram not supported. Sence it was the same speed and manufacture of memory that came in it. All I was raising was the amount and I was following what I was told it could support. However Asus would not and refused to say what the issue was. Just as I was about to give up. I noticed one difference. The ram I was trying to use was of standard voltage, and the ram that came in it was low voltage. Changed the ram out again and fixed. Love Asus products however I will not trust there techs to save my life.

  9. Please put parental controls on your phone’s as an option, if I knew my phone didn’t ,wouldn’t have bought it. Children got my phone once to use my web and inappropriate sites come up.

  10. Lol someone needs to be a parent. Stop depending on someone else’s to do your job. I don’t pay attention to where you leave you’re phone and why in the hell are your children looking at any thing you would have to worry about becoming an embarrassment to begin with. O.o

  11. Zen fone2 Zen fone2 I want you for a holiday gift this year.. You will go so well with my tablet tooo. … . So Zen fone2 I hope you want me tooo….

  12. I’ve had several ASUS motherboards but due to the Customer No Service I won’t be buying anymore. Latest purchase was a Z97-Pro. When I updated the BIOS I lost my RAID array. Customer No Service does not have a solution on how to get back the two drives that were lost from my 4 drive RAID array.

  13. I got my first Asus Maximus Hero VII motherboard, and was so excited, until more than half of the features didn’t work and still doesn’t. Customer service is like talking to a programmed robot, and I am very disappointed, thinking I was getting the absolute best, when it is nothing more than average.

    • It is a robot, no phone, no contact, only a programmed response of send money, or it will not get fixed. asus did not honor warranty did not have any record of the first time I sent it. This ceo needs to be fired. In fact the company should reboot.

  14. This is so stupid! The contested ended yesterday and I just got an email about it today at 9pm. Thanks ASUS…way to include everyone of your customers!

  15. The motherboard of my ASUS went down shortly before the manufacturer warranty. I contacted the company and they said to send it in at my cost $30. When it came back, it lasted about thirty minutes. I called the company again; they stood behind their product. At their expense they shipped it back to be fixed and returned. It has been functioning well since. This is the way to get repeat customers.

  16. I have this as us transformer and I am having a problem charging the lop top . I did some resents about my problem, I am not the only one who’s this problem. If you have time check the website and I wonder why you have resolve this anomally.

  17. Our research group at the University of Michigan Physics has purchased several pieces of ASUS equipment over the years with good satisfaction. This is until we bought for trial a TF700T which ASUS no doubt knows is a $700 paperweight. My reason for thinking ASUS knows the machine and OS are a disaster is the fact that the company has turned their back on the TF700T without updates for the balky version of Android 4.2.1. It seems that reference to the TF700T has been removed from ASUS site along with the unlock software that might provide a glimmer of hope for usability with CM12 conversion. ASUS made a mistake leaving such a disaster in the wake of the FT700T. Not good PR.

  18. I had my ASUS desktop 1 MONTH & the USB drive FELL OUT of the slot … and ASUS would do nothing! So WHY would I ever support this company on ANY of their products OR what they say????

  19. Johnny shih, I’m going to call you out. I would like to know what your plans to improve customer service are? Johnny shih in case you have not really noticed msi, acer, and dell are at your door step right now, the rog laptops and desktops are not top contenders any more. I dare say your a sell out. You tossed the quality Asus was know for to the curb, innovation, what was the last thing you came up with? A lap top that has a giant water cooled backing that makes it as big as a PC you might as well bout a PC instead. I think my next computer with be the Microsoft book there is some innovation. Pretty sad when a software company can make a better product then a company who specializes in motherboards. You need to fix your self and your company’s customer service. In case you are not reading your own forms.


  21. Johnny, don’t announce products that you can’t deliver. The Asus T90 was announced along with the T100 and T300 to be available in North America. There was a big excitement there that you did not take advantage of.

      • This is all you can respond with?
        I was going to buy another ASUS laptop pc, but with such poor customer service and junk ASUS is putting out, why bother.
        I love my Core i7 ASUS 400 (whatever) and it has worked superbly, but now all I see and hear are horror stories, not just online, but from friends who can get no help whatsoever when their computers suddenly shut off, especially if it’s the 3rd piece of shat ASUS they have replaced their old computer with.

        • Yes, I was just responding to Zia’s haiku – it was the same as the example and not related to any other service issues. Also, this haiku belongs in the comments of the contest page, not under this one. If you continue to have problems, please contact us at: Have a great day!

  22. My Asus f300 EE pad is too slow,how can the processor be upgraded. It is slower than molasses flowing up hill on a cold day.4.2 jelly bean needs help

    • I was given some information that the team should be finalizing their update schedule next month. When it will be released is not official yet.

  23. It’s a shame that the monitor of this promotional piece, (manufactured by Asus, for Asus cell phone marketing), doesn’t recognize the majority of comments and realize there really IS a problem with the representation of their service and tech support in North America for their computers. Especially when the article is primarily for the Cell Phone, yet the respondents are commenting on their Service experience with their computers and laptops.
    Sure there are some complaints that are poorly written and personal attacks, but the message still stands that there is a problem – by majority response regardless of how well or poorly the angst and anger is of the person writing it.
    And I feel the same. I can’t stand the Service that Asus offers in North America. It’s horrible at best and because of such incompetence, I can not buy, support or endorse anything in the Asus product line.
    And my case can be found in the Service Dept registry when you use my e-mail address to search, (it’s ongoing for over 9 months now, costing me quite a lot of money), and I will take every opportunity to comment on every board and forum about how pathetic the service is and to stay away from the Asus line.
    If Asus can’t do what’s right by their word and actions … which in turn cost me money … I will make sure silence doesn’t help their cause.
    If you care … and can REALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT … then please feel free to contact me.

      • Too bad asus does not reply openly, I have the same problem as hundreds of others do. Im wondering why asus is still in business with the absolute CUSTOMER SERVICE, REPLIES, HONOR and PRIDE this company SEVERELY LACKS. They have treated me like I was an enemy

  24. The only one problem with my old version ZEFONE 5 is the battery was draining too fast especially when we’re using social media facilities that means I have to carry around with me an extra device ( a durable power bang )to equip this smart phone and sometimes making me upset I’m looking forward to have the latest update version to replace the old one as mentioned by ASUS Chairman Mr.Jonney Shih.

  25. Hello. I will never buy an asus product. The OS stopped working ATT I bought it from tried for an hour, called asus, after another 1.5 hrs, told the tech to send it back. I stated the clasp to hold the laptop to the keyboard was broken. Sent it back. THEY LOST IT. After two months I called found out asus told me the wrong address to send it to, they shipped it to the right place. It was so rushed they did not fix the other problems that tablet had. Got it back used it for a bit then the power completely went out. It would not work at all. Service claimed they did not have a record of the first time I sent it in.
    All this happened within the year. I now have a 400.00 paperweight

  26. I think Isus and (others for that matter)should just make sure their products are reliable and forget the fancy innovations. Just make the dam thing work, that’s all we need. reliability.

    • Agreed. This is my first – and last – Asus. I should have realized the quality when I plugged it in, it lit up briefly, then went out. It would not turn on, other than those first few seconds. I thought it was a jinxed model or production line, didn’t realize it was the entire line, so I bought a different model, and it’s been a nightmare these few months. Never again.

  27. My ASUS ZenFone MAX MOBILE phone is not compatible with 4G and LTE NETWORKS as you promise you are doing fraud for selling your dummy phones .

  28. I am going to lodge a complaint against your company in CONSUMER AFFAIRS COURT for compensation for being sold fraud mobiles

  29. I have purchased Asus zenfone 2 thru online Amazon sites. And I have received cellphone in dead condition. I approached Amazon for replacement, Amazon requested for DOA (dead on arrival certificate) from Asus for initiate replacement .

    I approached Asus Service center Dt 18 Oct 2016 and handover my phone for verification for obtain DOA certificate. Asus engineers missed to put IMEA number on Job card. So IMEA number was missing on DOA certificate.

    Due to missing of IMEA number on DOA certificate Amazon refused for replacement .

    I called Asus customer service dt 25th Oct 2016 and log the compliant [CASENO=A1610214223] but till day issue is not resolve.

    I have contact service center also for revise DOA certificate along with IMEA number but they are not supporting.

    No one is bother to resolve issue Can you pls help to resolve.

    Product serial no is – F6AZFG02V049

  30. Oh my Holly Sh********
    I Ever bought Your products , but never again !!! because I am IT manager of an Iranian enterprise companies but my own Transformer Book Flip TP301UJ was crashed and I needed to change the windows 10!
    No how can download true direct and right drivers.
    I fund my product page but there is nothing.
    and where is your Online support? in 2 hours I Can’t find any body online to talk with in support site.
    it is my last time!!!!!!