A Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry that consists of three lines. The first and last lines of the poem have five syllables, and the middle line has seven syllables. In the spirit of the holidays and our appropriately-named Zen devices like our ZenFone 2, we’re running another back cover giveaway!

This time, we’ve got a very exclusive, limited run of white Illusion series covers that come in two flavors. The first is similar to the Deluxe and Deluxe Special Edition covers in that it maintains the polygonal, crystal-like shapes (perfect for the icy-cool season), but has a pearlescent white color. The second has a unique quilted pattern that looks more chic and has a soft powdery look. The BEST thing about all of these covers is that they include the NFC antenna! So unlike the previous back covers that we gave away, these will allow you to bump devices, transfer data, and also use Android Pay.

ASUS ZenFone Holiday-Haiku-Contest-02

Now, this is what you have to do to earn a chance to win one of TEN super-exclusive back covers.

  • In the comments section below, write a haiku that contains the word “ZenFone 2” (Again, the haiku must have 3 lines with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line, and 5 in the last line).
  • If you incorporate the word “holidays” – extra brownie points!



The holidays shine

with a ZenFone 2 in hand

and pictures of friends


  • Contest begins 12/21 at 9:30 AM PT and ends 12/25 at 5PM PT
  • The MyZen by ASUS team will determine winners on 12/28 at 10AM PT and contact the winners via email
  • The contest is open to US and Canadian residents only -SORRY!
  • Winners can only win one back cover despite how many entries they provide
  • Winners will be asked which cover they want – but prizes will be given based on availability (so if you win, you’d better respond quickly)


  1. Got a haiku compilation for you folks:

    ASUS Zenfone 2
    for other folks holidays;
    I will wait for Eid

    A Zenfone 2 has
    quad-core Intel processor
    and 4 gigs of RAM.

    Intel + 4 gigs?
    Better than my mom’s PC–
    Zenfone 2: the beast.

    So, in conclusion,
    ASUS nailed the Zenfone 2.
    Get yours right away!

  2. Zenfone 2 in hand
    Everywhere, there’s holidays
    cheer, memories made

    with my Zenfone 2
    What a time to be alive
    such joy in the air

    with my Zenfone 2
    times would be ever better
    with a brand new case!

  3. For the holidays
    Give me relief with gift
    I want Zenfone 2

    I’m not denying it, I’m straight up asking for it in the haiku. But please?

  4. My smooth Zenfone 2
    Would benefit from texture.
    ‘Holidays to all!

    As an alternative:

    Intel chip runs smooth
    Development is open
    Its snowing on Mt. Fuji

  5. You saw no one can
    Now with Illusion covers
    Sense what others can’t

    Sense what others can’t
    This time with Deluxe in hand
    Happy holidays

    Zenfone 2 in hand
    Deluxe cover on the back
    Sense what others can’t

    Well I couldn’t choose one so here you go. Unfortunately, I am not a resident of US, but if it is OK to have a friend in US like the previous giveaway count me in.

  6. Oh zenfone 2 sitting over there,
    Where has the time gone?
    It feels like just yesterday we met.

    You treat me oh so well.
    Gathering my emails, texts and more.
    Making me glad to have you in my life.

    Oh zenfone 2 thank you for showing me,
    True love of a cellular phone.
    May this winter spirit bring you joy.
    With the new Illusion cover to,
    Make you shine bright as day.

    When your sitting in my pocket.
    Making me happy as can be.
    With a beautiful Intel chip.
    I say good day to you zenfone 2.

  7. White like Winter snow
    Santa brings a Zenfone 2
    What a Holiday!

    Imagine that case:
    Zenfone 2 in all its grace
    Smile on my face

    On this holiday,
    Zenfone 2 makes dreams come true
    Keeping winter bright

  8. Holidays are close,
    A greatest phone by Asus
    Gift for our loved ones.

    Christmas are here,
    Everyone celebrating
    ZenFone 2 is here!

  9. Sky sky sky sky sky
    Sky ZenFone two sky
    Sky sky sky sky sky

    So maybe baby
    A ZenFone 2 holiday
    from me to you too

    Dog cat platypus
    And all fish wish this haiku
    Was over ZenFone two

  10. ZTE waaaay up , from you look at Zenfone 2 it is the neatest and the colors are brightest …way up Zenfone 2 stay up…kickout#

  11. Can someone help me? I NEED HELP ASAP!!!

    Okay I’m seeing it everywhere. That one asus case with the crazy triangle pattern. What is that called. I see it as wallpaper screen savers on vector pages photoshop sites etc. I just don’t know the term for that kind of design!? Is it geodesic? If you know please EMAIL me with answer

    • The official term for them is I believe polygon graphics, but I mainly refer to them as polygonal designs or polygon art. I hope that helps.

  12. Luck I need
    To win a ZenFone 2
    For the holidays
    So beautiful
    Is the ZenFone 2 and
    Even more in my palm
    The holidays so
    Calm yet eccentric like the
    ASUS Zenfone 2

  13. This year on Christmas,
    The holidays’ haiku,
    About Zenphone 2!

    My ASUS mind’s blown,
    I want the Zenphone 2,
    But got holidays..

    Holidays’re great,
    The Zenphone 2 is better,
    It’s Santa’s error..

    Hey Santa, yes you!
    Please send me Zenphone 2,
    Take holidays!

    Once I get it,
    My days’ll turn to holidays,
    With new Zenphone 2!

    Magic of ASUS,
    They name it “Zenphone 2”,
    Got with holidays!

    I show to friends,
    My holidays haikus,
    About Zenphone 2!

    They like-n-share,
    My Zenphone 2 selfies,
    And holidays pics.

    We all’ll call ASUS,
    If Santa won’t make it,
    To ask Zenphone 2..

    And ASUS will say,
    For holidays of you,
    Here’s Zenphone 2!

    On last holidays,
    “In Search of Perfection”,
    I got Zenphone 2!

  14. This year on Christmas,
    The holidays’ haiku,
    About ZenFone 2!

    My ASUS mind’s blown,
    I want the ZenFone 2,
    But got holidays..

    Holidays’re great,
    The ZenFone 2 is better,
    It’s Santa’s error..

    Hey Santa, yes you!
    Please send me ZenFone 2,
    Take holidays!

    Once I get it,,
    My days’ll turn to holidays,
    With new ZenFone 2!

    Magic of ASUS,
    They name it “ZenFone 2”,
    Got with holidays!

    I show to friends,
    My holidays haikus,
    About ZenFone 2!

    They like-n-share,
    My ZenFone 2 selfies,
    And holidays pics.

    We all’ll call ASUS,
    If Santa won’t make it,
    To ask ZenFone 2..

    And ASUS will say,
    For holidays of you,
    Here’s ZenFone 2!

    On last holidays,
    “In Search of Perfection”,
    I got ZenFone 2!


  15. The Happy Holidays started with purchase of Zenfone 2 on thanks giving
    My kid school holiday party wasn’t happy without Zenfone 2 laser camera
    Thanks Asus for Laser-fast Auto-Focus feature

  16. santosh21090@[12/23, 6:58 PM] SANTOSH KUMAR: Ek dost ne bheja tha moder case ka bhila ka h [12/23, 6:58 PM] Janu: Oo [12/23, 7:10 PM] Janu: Kr li [12/23, 7:10 PM] Janu: Kr lo mujhe kyo bolte ho [12/23, 7:10 PM] SANTOSH KUMAR: Thik [12/23, 7:11 PM] Janu: T

    Hppy crismast day sir.jenphone 5

  17. 1 of largest selling phone ZenFone 2 , realy i am fan of asus
    the quality they maintain in every product is always awesome ! 😊 <3 asus <3 zenfone 2 my gaming beast !

  18. The ASUS ZenFone 2 has made this holiday season a delight.From buying my Christmas gifts to sharing Christmas party phones. And keeping in touch with my family. So, Merry ZenFone 2 all , and to all a good night .

  19. Haiku Im using zenphone 5, but i want to upgrade my cellphone into zenphone 2, i hear there a 4Gb ram inside that is cool..
    But im very sad because im here in the PHILIPPINES..

  20. Santa is coming
    All children must go to bed
    Dreams dance in their head

    He eats the cookies
    Holiday Spirit has come
    He brings gifts and fun

    So for good children
    Boys and Girls like me and you
    Brand new ZenFone2!

    Oh thank you Santa
    Then he leaves before the Sun
    God bless Everyone!

  21. I’m very happy this holiday because I had my Zenfone 2
    With 64B storage + 64 externa memory I can keep all my favorites pictures and videos.

  22. Without my ZenFone2 I plan to use for many years
    Holidays would not mean as much to me as they do for you through out the years.

  23. Holidays in hearts–
    a bright new world in our hands.
    Double-tap awakes.

    A cool ZenFone 2.
    Fast, fun, free of folly–brings
    Holidays to hearts.

  24. A stunning design
    The perfect stocking suffer
    ASUS ZenPhone 2

    With a unique style
    ZenPhone 2 pulls ahead
    Leaves the rest behind

    With a lot of RAM
    ZenPhone 2 powers right on
    Past the other phones

    Holidays are here
    The choice for a phone is clear
    ASUS ZenPhone 2

    For a great delight
    Grab yourself a ZenPhone 2
    For the holidays

  25. Holidays are cool
    When I can connect with you
    On my Zenphone 2

    Alone,far away
    I find you magically
    On my Zenphone 2

    Zenphone 2 and you
    Suddenly appear so real
    Happy Holidays

    Here I am lonely
    Zenphone 2to my rescue
    Saved this Holiday

    Just hear me, see me
    On my Zenphone 2 for you
    Holidays Happy

  26. The holidays are here so let’s spread some cheer. My Zen phone and I will make your pictures so clear. After you see mine, you’ll need one of your own. Let’s spread the cheer, from Zen to there.

  27. great is ZenForne 2
    you got extra brownie points
    for your holidays

    enjoy ZenFone 2
    amazing mighty powers
    for the holidays

    With a ZenFone 2
    yep, all things are possible
    make your holidays

    buy a ZenFone 2
    will make you smiling all days
    during holidays

    great are holidays
    with a ZenFone 2 at hand
    make all friends happy

    Dont know ZenFone 2?
    look at friends great holidays..

    love it! … *smile*

  28. Happy holiday too all of you
    I want to experience zenphone 2
    I heard this is very awesome cell phone because in their 4gb ram for gaming..

  29. Oh the holidays,
    Filled with family and love,
    Gifts being exchanged.

    I want just one thing,
    It’s on the top of my list,
    A Zenfone 2 please.

    With specs I adore,
    A terrific camera,
    Processing to match.

    It is so perfect,
    I hope to be blessed with it,
    One can only hope.

  30. When I was young we had no phones,
    We played on the street and fought
    Thanks to ASUS we have Zenfone 2
    It even better than I thought

    Incredible shape and size
    Smart interface and updated design
    No need anymore to play on the street
    When everything has my Zenfone 2

    Merry Christmas to all
    Who are here and there
    I will get my Zenfone
    Who will be my best friend forever!!!

  31. Dashing through the store
    With my ZenFone 2 in hand
    grab that gal of milk

    Dashing through the store
    With my ZenFone 2 in hand
    in line by clothing

    Dashing through the store
    With my ZenFone 2 in hand
    got close to checkout

    Dashing through the store
    With my ZenFone 2 in hand
    i forgot the bread 🙁

  32. Happy Zenfone2 Holidays
    May all your Zenfone2 be bright
    may all your Zenfone2 be white,red,blue and green, and
    have yourself a festive zenfone2

  33. I just got a ZenFone 2 this morning, because I think it is a good phone. I took advantage of the holidays to give a Christmas presents to myself.

  34. Zenfone 2 how I wish I would to win will be texting all my friends and family but it’s okay I’m never won anything in life so whoever wins I wish them the best of luck god bless everybody

    • Hi Brian – I’ve already contacted the winners! Thank you for your participation…but check back next Monday because we’ve got another contest!

  35. everyone got an easy to got a zenfone 2, but for me have a zenfone 5 is like have a pretty girls in my life. Thanks ASUS for a nice sweet heart for a better life. hope next year in 2016 I have another one of your best Product.

    • Hi there Eric – I’ve already contacted the winners. Thank you for your participation! But stay tuned, we’ve got a new contest for next week!